The Amfiareio of Oropos located in a small valley west of the stairs Oropou the Mafrodilesi, who crosses a dry river, which the ancients called Ravine. The Amfiareio was the largest temple in ancient Greece the chthonic god and hero of Argos Amfiaraou. Throughout the period of operation was the national sanctuary of Oropos, one of the oldest cities of ancient Greece. The Amfiareio founded in the late fifth century. BC when Oropos was in the hands of the Athenians. The Amphiaraos belonged to the deities of the underworld. The happiest period of perhaps history Amfiareiou was the third century BC and the first half of the second century BC (As in 146 BC), when the Oropos was a member of the League of Boeotia.

As a port of great importance because of communications with Euboea Oropos action caused controversy among the Boeotians and the Athenians. Residential Oropos seen from the Middle Helladic period in Item New Palaces. Ceramic remains of messoelladikis, the Mycenaean, the Proto, geometric and Archaic period from the region of Oropos. By the end of the Archaic period, the city must have been under the influence, if not possession of Eretria.
Around 506 BC after the victorious expedition of Athens against Boeotians or later after alfalfa, Oropos received possession of Athens. From some reason the orator Lysias testified that the Athenian commander was Polystratos Oropou before 411 BC Owners of City rotate long while after 367/366 BC around for several years it seems that it became independent.
Great event for the city was the establishment of Amfiareiou late fifth century. BCFrom the early 4th century BC and in 338 BC (Battle of Chaeronea) the Amfiareio organized and his fame spread to Greece. Built this building and erected sacred agalmata.To seems to work under constant regulation. According to a list with names of winners that season every year the races were held Amfiareia Small and every fifth year, the Big Amfiareia. The Amfiareia the Great includes music, sports and horse races in which athletes took part scholars and actors from all over Greece, Italy and Asia Minor.
From 338 BC to the early third century BC lag period of several changes. Philip of Macedonia and his son Alexander gives the Oropos Athenians. The Athenians reorganize the celebrations and struggles of the sanctuary, offering tributes to Amphiaraos and construct buildings. In 313 BC Oropos captures the general of Antigonus's Monophthalmus Polemaios. In 287 BC Oropos joins League of Boeotia and subsequent flourishing Amfiareiou lasting until 146 BC In the sanctuary of the masses of people now come from all parts of the Greek world, the islands and Asia Minor. Many are donations and benefactions received by the temple. The ports of the State-stairs and called Delphinium like today - where the pilgrims landed the sanctuary contributed to revenue growth of Oropos. Great Eastern monarchs as Ptolemy Philopator D The materials encourage the small city - state.

During the Roman period (from 146 BC) Oropos is "autonomous." Blossoming of the sacred in the first century BC due to the benevolence of the Roman general Sulla. In the early first century. AD during the August Oropos acquisition becomes final in Athens. Dedicatory inscriptions of early Christian times that found in Amfiareio inform us that the Athenians offer tributes to God honored the sanctuary.The worship of Amfiaraou extinguished with the prevalence of Christianity

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