The Aigosthena was ancient town of Megara. The northern city of Megareon.Itan builtat the foot of the ancient Kithairona.Konta also Megarian city frost. In the 4th centuryBC in Aigosthena were large fortifications with the aid of the Athenians to treat ieBoeoticos risk, because then the Megarians had allied with Athina.Ta Aigosthenawas the center of the cult of the seer and healer hero Melampus and thanks to therelative sanctuary of the state and ancient traveler Pausanias. At the annualcelebration of the holy races were held. The Melampus was a Greek oracle, savedthe Dionysian religion as stated in the methomiriki paradosi.Ta walls of the areabecause of Turkish preserved in very good condition perhaps because he haddeserted the area by residents.

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