The Ramnountas (also Rhamnus) is an archaeological site in eastern Attica.Located near the Marathon and the Secretary a short distance from the sea. The ancient Athenian city of Rhamnus prevailed on two strategic ports in ancient Athens, which correspond to the bays in front of the present villages Sesi and Agia Marina.In Rhamnus was worship of the goddess Nemesis, which was the largest place of worship of the goddess in the ancient sanctuary of Nemesis Ellada.To Archaic temple in Rhamnus The sanctuary of Nemesis created the Archaic period within a walled area. During the first years coexisted with round settlement but later the sanctuary was isolated and the residences and other facilities scattered around the area. The sanctuary of Nemesis continued to flourish and during the Roman period and accept dedications by Roman emperors. The first temple of Nemesis, built before the 6th century BC was relatively small church, distyle the front made from limestone. The first church was destroyed in the Persian wars and the fifth century, a new church in place earlier. The new church was built of dark marble of the area and was housed with tiles, while gradually invested with white marble and decorated with sculptures. The church's interior was decorated by the sculptor Agorakritou, a pupil of Phidias. Gradually around the temple were placed statues bases, while the area of ​​the sanctuary peritoichistike. The temple lasted until the First Christian times and finally abandoned after the victory of the archaeological site Christianismou.O The archaeological site of Rhamnus, occupies a hill 30 meters high which is very close to the sea between two bays. The walled section covers an area of ​​230 to 270 meters. The construction of the walls is made from local marble from the nearby bay of Agia Marina. Within the limits of the walls stand the temples of Nemesis and Themis, while outside the walled area surviving traces of cult houses. The Ramnountas is one of the most remote archaeological sites of Athens as it is located far away from major settlements. In recent years presented apparently leaving the site.

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