Ancient Figaleia

Ancient Figaleia (or Phigaleia) was a thriving and important city in ancient Arcadia.Located near the present villages of Ilia Phigaleia and gardens in the beautiful valley of the river Neda. Neda (the only female river) got its name from the nymph Neda, a goddess of water. The city was built on a hill, with many walls around cliffs and powerful ocheirotiko enclosure and ekosmeito of fine statues. The city was the Temple of Artemis "soteiras" with a stone statue of the goddess and a gym with beautiful statues of Hermes and the Olympic pankration Arrachiona. The Figalias had two sacred mountains. The Kotilion term, where they built the temple of Apollo and oil condition (south of the village of Ilia throat), on the south side of which was a cave overlooking the deep gorge, where worshiped Melaena Demeter.

The Figalias that erepan the feast and the good life and were lovers of wine and travel. They even build a temple dedicated to Dionysos the akratoforo, whose statue shone red through the vines, painted with cinnabar (mercury sulfide). In Roman times the Figalias minted coins showed Neda in the form of God holding the hands of the pitcher from which water is poured.
The city was founded by Figalias, son Lykaona, founder of Lykosoura. In 659 BCThe city was conquered by the Spartans, with whom he makrochonia controversy.The Figalias losing their freedom fled their homeland. After a few years called an oracle from the Pythia whether to regain their homeland and freedom touspolemontas Spartans. She answered them not see this, unless offered one hundred Oresthasioi volunteers to fight, but they will all die. The Oresthasioi, found it obvious to offer and we all die, as was the oracle, to give freedom to Figalias. And so it happened and later Figalias retook the city. (Pausanias Arcadian 39, 2-4). The Figalias to remember the supreme offering of one hundred Oresthasion erected a column he wrote:
"Polyandrion Oresthasion not admired, stranger. Arcades are one. Self-appointed gar death elontes, Figalefsin eleftheriin edomen "
"The Polyandrion Oresthasion not admiring stranger. Arcades are. After our own death we chose, in Figalias donated the freedom "
Comments and transfer the current situation is left to the reader ... Today at ancient Figalias ruins of the ancient temple of Artemis with an impressive altar. In the surrounding area are easily the walls of the fortification wall on the steep slopes and hills that were once filled with vines Phigaleia. The archaeological site excavations are ongoing.

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